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Bento is originating from Japan serving as a convenient lunch box with a variety of food options. Each bento box often contains rice, fish or meat, and vegetables or pickles.

Following its original meanings, Bentosi aims to bring a quick yet nutritious solution to our dear customers during their busy lunchtime.

What is more? We also try to bring the elegant aspects of this concept and let you design your own bento during dinner time, where you could be creative every time with us. This is why we named ourselves BENTOSI - which is YOUR bento in Finnish.

Let's join the journey with us!



As a small restaurant, we hope to bring you an intimate atmosphere where you could relax yourselves and enjoy good food with us.

We encourage you to BOOK YOUR TABLE in advance for your comfort. However, we welcome you all the time. If a waiting time is expected, your appetite is happily triggered.


If you would like to pick up on your own, please order through our website via PICK-UP ORDER. That would be a great support.

Gift cards are available at our restaurant. Please ask our staff if you would love to purchase for your beloved.

See you at Bentosi!

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